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Musical Instruments  - ROYALE  euphonium 


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Sterling Musical Instruments have been manufacturing in the UK since 1987, producing brass instruments specifically aimed at the British style brass band. By employing several Bossey & Hawkes craftsmen, the company was able to rapidly establish itself in the brass band market, producing hand built quality instruments. 


The Sterling Royale Euphonium is the culmination of many years of development with some of the world’s finest euphonium players. This has resulted in a truly outstanding instrument for today’s discerning musicians. The traditional euphonium sound, ease of playing in all registers is enhanced by the excellent intonation through out the entire range.


Sterling Euphoniums are used extensively by some of the most exciting exponents of the Euphonium in the world including Michael Dodd of Grimethorpe Colliery Band.





bulgheroni co.

-oboe, oboe  d'amore, enlglish horn, piccolo




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Harmony of form, colour and sound have always been an integral part of Bulgheroni's double reed musical instruments: Oboe, Oboe d'amore, English Horn. Their warm enveloping sound, their perfect intonation and their excellent handmade quality will captivate you.


The Bulgheroni Piccolo creates a perfect union with the artist and its intriguing and full-bodied sound carries those who listen into the magical world of music. Experience true emotions and feelings through playing an instrument which reflects tradition, quality and professionalism.


The F.lli Bulgheroni firm stands out from the others because its manufacturing processes and the components of the musical instruments are carried out and made exclusively in the laboratory, thus assuring meticulous care and constant quality control of the products from the initial phase of the production to the final one. This guarantees instruments of very high quality, accompanied by an elegant design and innovative solutions.

All this is also possible thanks to an on-going technological updating , but, above all, to the presence of skilled craftsmen able to give life to a fine piece of wood transforming it into a unique musical instrument.

The strength of the Bulgheroni firm lies in the hands of these true artists, because their expert and meticulous manual skills can never be replaced by the schematic mass production of a machine.

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instruments (aUSTRIA)



Schagerl Instruments are the perfect synthesis of traditional craftmanship, innovative design and have all the attributes to serve the needs of musicians of all genres and levels. Schagerl Instruments are played all over the world: in great Symphony Orchestras and Ensembles, by great soloists, in brass bands and musical schools.

The Schagerl company is without doubt one of the most successful makers of brass instruments in the world. Since the foundation of the company in the year 1961, Schagerl set great value upon the intensive cooperation with the musicians. At the time, Karl Schagerl sen. was already concentrating on improving and developing brass instruments. When Karl Schagerl jun. took over the company in 1989, the first custom made instruments were introduced and made in a small production series. Within a short time, Schagerl instruments were played in the greatest orchestras worldwide. The trumpets were developed with input from Prof. Hans Gansch (former Principal Trumpet Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra), the fine trombone models were built with the help of Othmar Gaiswinkler and Wolfgang Pfistermüller (Vienna Symphony Orchestra).

Until the present day the company Schagerl is a family-owned enterprise. In addition to the fine trumpet and trombone models, a number of great Schagerls saxophones is available, too. A close and amicable contact is one of the most important points in the Schagerl philosophy. The cooperation and experiences of instrument maker Robert Schagerl and the musicians form the basis of the instrument making at Schagerl.


Schagerl Artists include James Morrison, the Mnozil Brass.




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Backun musical services (canada)


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Backun Musical Services Ltd. designs and manufactures many of the world’s most sought after clarinet products. Founded by Morrie Backun, the company offers a diverse line of artist, professional and semi-professional clarinets, including world renowned clarinet barrels, bells and mouthpieces under the Backun, MoBa and Protégé lines. Through innovative designs, advanced manufacturing and quality materials, BMS is ‘Reinventing The Clarinet One Piece at a Time.’


Bb and A clarinets available in Grenadilla and Cocobolo wood. 

Key finishes include silver, yellow gold and rose gold.


Do check out the accessories available from Backun Musical Services under Accessories (coming soon)!





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