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audi  christian  goh  (bulgheroni  artist  singapore)


Music360 and Bulgheroni Co. is honoured to welcome Mr Audi Christian Goh onboard as the official Bulgheroni Artist in Singapore. Audi

currently plays on the MUSA.

Mr Audi Christian Goh is a Singapore based

multi-woodwind performer in numerous theatre productions, an established chamber soloist on the oboe, and a much sought after freelance orchestra musician, most recently performing as Principal oboe with the Macao Orchestra and Malaysia's National Symphony Orchestra.


Beginning his music education under the Singapore Youth Orchestra's tutelage scheme with Mr Joost Flach and Mr Alix Pengili, he went on to tour with the Asian Youth Orchestra in 2002 before commencing his studies in oboe performance at the renowned Conservatoire National de Region de

Boulogne- Billancourt with Msr. Yves Poucel.


In the second year of his studies Mr Audi Christian Goh received the Premier Prix in oboe performance and Chamber Music performance from the Conservatory and went on to further his studies in the Cycle Perfectionnement while studying with

Msr. Olivier Doise at the Conservatoire du Paul Dukas. Since his return to Singapore, Mr Audi Christian Goh has been an active chamber and solo artist and he maintains a very avid oboe studio class. 


 “The expressive qualities of the MUSA coupled with its solid build makes it a very dependable instrument for the discerning player.”                

                                                  -aUDI cHRISTIAN gOH

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