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Music China, Shanghai


Music360 visited Music China in Shanghai! We were blown away by how massive it was. Wind instruments, strings, drums, guitars, accessories, performances etc. You name it, they've got it. We met and connected with some of our business counterparts. Check out the pictures!

david thornton  live in singapore 



David Thornton was in Singapore recently for a solo recital, a joint concert as well as a series of workshops with our local musicians. Check out some of the images of his visit including exclusive behind-the-scene footages! Proudly presented by Music360 and Sterling Musical Instruments with special thanks to John Packer Ltd.

Music China, Shanghai 



Music360 visited the annual Music China held at Shanghai again this year and we must say that we had a fantastic time meeting up with some of our old friends as well as new friends that we met in person for the first time! It was great chatting up with them as we discussed plans for the near future and boy are we excited about the activities lined up for everyone! Again, the fair never fails to blow us away so we'll just leave you with the pictures to do the talking!

euphonium concert



Music360 was glad to be a part of the Euphonium Concert held at the Salvation Army Hq in collaboration with facebook page Singapore Euphonium Players. It was an intimate session featuring some of our very own talented euphonium players namely, Mark Glover, Joseph Teo, Chiu Boon Hwee, Chan Chun Meng, Vincent Tan together with accomplished accompanist Mr Alex Thio. The audience was treated to an afternoon of Virtuosic Euphonium playing!

woodwind festival, singapore  

27.06.14- 29.06.14


And so Music360 had a booth at the Singapore Woodwind Festival held at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Schools. The Concept behind our display was "Exhibit Versatility" and we had a ball of a time playing around with the configuration of our setup. See if you can spot some of the differences! A big thank you to all those who popped by to say hi including those who delivered your compliments on the booth. We are indeed humbled and hope all of you had a good time with the instruments exhibited at the fair. Come on in for a look at the happenings of the 3 day event!

augustman  magazine, singapore 

August 2014


"Time To Face The Music" 

Music360 instruments paired with some of the world's most luxurious watch brands in the 2014 August issue of AUGUSTMAN magazine (AUGUSTMAN is Singapore's most definitive quality men's style journal). Enjoy!

euphonium masterclass@ the white house, Singapore 



Sterling Singapore Artist Mr Mark Glover gave a euphonium masterclass with the musicians of the Singapore Armed Forces Band. It was no doubt an enriching and rewarding experience for all! 

jose  franch  ballester  in  singapore ( pROUDLY sponsored by backun musical services)



Backun International Soloist and Artist Jose Franch Ballester was in Singapore for an amazing concert at the newly refurbished Victoria Concert Hall with the brilliant Philharmonic Winds of Singapore. Jose also managed to conduct a few masterclasses with fellow clarinet afficionados and musicians of the Singapore Armed Forces Bands. Follow us as we show you a glimpse of the behind the scenes...  

SUNDAY  WITH  MORRIE (  JOINTLY PRESENTED  by backun  musical  services)



Famed Morrie Backun and Vice President Joel Jaffe were in Singapore for the first time over the weekend to meet up with our local musicians and a masterclass held at the Singapore Conference Hall. The response was simply overwhelming as many came to watch Morrie share insights on the acoustics of clarinet playing and set-up. The new V21 reeds were also generously sponsored by Vandoren to participants to try them out! Do check out the photos of Morrie in his element and be blown away!